"Hi Mr. Science,
I would like to let you know that your super science boxes are 
absolutely terrific. I teach at a small sole charge school and
the resource works really well with multilevel teaching. Week by
week activities to engage kids and it's a lovely way to spend
Friday afternoons with them. Perhaps we may go for another terms
boxes. Will be in touch. By the way the 'rockets' fly well with
a bent up glider wing!!! kind regards" Alex

"Hi Sterling,

 Thanks for the email. We used the Slime Time kit the other day and it was great. Having the instructions written so simply and colourfully meant the kids could really run the show themselves. I also love the sustainability focus (cornstarch cups).

We are excited to see a catalogue some time and give some others a whirl."

 Pat Dylan, Teacher, Computer Co-ordinator

Manly Vale Public School, Sydney

"It definitely did this and much more.  The children worked together very well and you could see their eyes light up with excitement and learning.  It also made me feel a lot more confident in teaching these scientific concepts and processes and led to deeper discovery from the students.  It was amazing!!  I would definitely purchase these boxes at our school if they were available, to experience the fun and exciting learning over and over again."

Nicky, Auckland Point School


"Hi Sterling…we love the boxes, They stack really well and love the clear labelling. Our children will want to repeat activities again and again so having a really good supply in the boxes is good for us.
Because of the nature of early childhood we find it hard to access the u-tube videos. We have no computers in the rooms and most of our computers have u-tube blocks on them. Having instructions on the inside of the box with recipes and ideas would work better for us. The children now know what the box looks like and are very excited when it arrives in the classroom!!!"

Early Childhood Education-ECE


"Still loving the boxes Sterling!  We integrate the themes right through the week, writing, research, art.... the kids are focussing on science through all learning areas.  Homework for my kids has been taking their learning home and explaining/demonstrating to family members. I have parents excited about science and looking forward to the next activities.  This has been a fantastic, science filled term Sterling, thanks for all of your work!"    

Kim T, Classroom Teacher,  Motueka School