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Feedback from St Mary Mackillop School, Mangere, 8/21

"Hi Sterling,
Thank you so much for the most amazing start to our Science journey at our school!!! We all really enjoyed the show and slime making, and as you can see, we are getting the best writing too!! 
Thanks for being "The most amazing adult ever" and having so many wonderful 'crazy ideas'. You have whizz banged and wowed your way into many hearts here and we can't wait to have you here again for the next Science Fair launch in 2023. 
Have a wonderful day,"
Kathi, B Pod and C Pod
St Mary MacKillop School, Mangere, Auckland


Te Papa Fun July/21

Mr Science, 2021. Photo by Jo Moore. Courtesy of Te Papa


 Fun Show



Latest Classroom kits-

Covid-19 !  Science/Health Free Sample Download

Kits available Stuff Article

Teach Viruses, Vaccines, Various Microorganisms

For Primary Teachers - Great Learning, highly engaging

Run Viral Simulation in Class, (This is where kids WANT to be infected)

Create Virus life cycle poster

Make a model of a corona virus to take home

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5 Boxes/Resources for 2022, Double Boxes

$65 each free post or $299 for all 5

2 experiments for 1 class, or 2 experiments for 2 classes working in teams




Fun at Te Papa video


Helping Teachers Teach Science

Mr 6 this morning...
'mum I wanna be an adolt NOW...'
'Oh? but I thought adults were boring?'
'yEAH!.. but I'll be a fun adolt... you know...
like Mr Science!'

We've been lucky enough to see two of your shows and you taught my son for a couple of days at NCS recently. As you can see you've made an impression! 
Thank you for your work inspiring kiddos 😁😁🙏


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Visiting YOUR School !!

Teaching Evolved

Imagine the buzz and excitement in the classroom as you open up your kids minds to the wonders of science, made easy for you because the planning is done, fun videos included.

This is a series of fun, simple and engaging science activities that come in a box!

Developed over 10 years of specialist primary science teaching. Includes hands on materials, from pipettes to thermometers and the kids will love the scientific learning.

"This is the best day of school I've ever had, EVER"
(yr 4 student)


Super Science Boxes come in packages 

Each activity includes-

  • Box- full of hands-on materials for 28+ students
  • Student book- instructions and worksheet to record their learning
  • Student video- fun, instructional, shows one way to do the activity
  • Teacher video- classroom management and science themes
  • Teacher pages- in-depth instructions, more science and cross-curricular links, includes Nature of Science and Science Capabilities from NZ Curriculum

Used in - New Zealand, Australia , Singapore, USA, Azerbaijan, Thailand


Everything you need is in the box.

In every box you’ll find all the ingredients for a fantastic science session 28+ children. An easy to follow student activity booklet shows the kids (and you the teacher) exactly what to do, and helps direct the learning process, so the kids not only have fun, but get to explore and learn cool science stuff. The student activity booklet also provides evidence of their learning.

Giving teachers a hand.

The purpose of the boxes is to increase student engagement and excitement in science and learning. But the boxes also provide an easy way for teachers to really enjoy and become more confident with science, and in delivering the science curriculum.
Every experiment comes with a ‘Student video’ to get the action started, and a helpful ‘Teachers Video’ that runs through the experiment for the teachers benefit.

Let’s start learning. (and having FUN!)