Technology Boxes 1-10

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Technology 2018   Building Innovative Creators

10 Boxes, each box has a Hands-on activity for 35 students 

Kitset T 1-10 – real world applications

Technological Practice

T1 Wrecking Ball Planning for Practice

T2 Balloon Toy Brief Development

T3 Sprinkler Outcome Development + Evaluation

T4 Launcher Outcome Development + Evaluation


Technological Knowledge

T5 Design a Car Tech Modelling

T6 Tower Construct Tech Products

T7 Flashlight Tech Systems

Nature of Technology

T8 Bow and Arrow Characteristics of Tech

T9 Solar Up-Draft Tower Characteristics of Tech,

T10 Robot Hand Characteristics of Tech Outcomes,


Kitset T 11-20

Digital Technologies Term 2 2018

Computational thinking for digital technologies 

Designing and developing digital outcomes